Capital Yoga Girl’s Favorite New Summer Cocktail!

I have a friend who really likes lychee martinis.

After taking me out to dinner at Duangrats, she got me hooked, too.

If you don’t know what lychees are, they’re a pink fruit native to the Guangdong and Fujian provinces of China. (Idk, I just Googled it.)

Whatever they are, they’re amazing—and look like this in their raw form.


I recently was having a dinner party for this friend, and decided to surprise her with some sort of lychee drink. I didn’t have raw lychees, but at World Market, I came across cans of lychee juice. So I decided to get a little creative, and add some raw grapefruit in the mix.

Here’s a picture of all the ingredients I used.


The pineapple punch bowl isn’t a necessity, but for $24.99, I highly recommend it.

The result was truly magical—something different that your friends probably have never tried, and perfectly refreshing for the start of the summer. Here’s a picture of the final result, with the full ingredient list and recipe below. Cheers!


Pink Grapefruit and Lychee Cocktail
Serving size is 12, because it tastes best when consumed with friends. 👭

2 grapefruits, freshly squeezed
1 liter bottle of sparkling water (no flavor)
3 cans of lychee drink (I found mine at World Market, but you may also find it at an Asian or Indian market)
Vodka to taste (I may or may not have used most of this bottle 💁)
2 fresh limes or mint for taste and decoration

…you mix everything together. 😆

Capital Yoga Girl



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